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Child Support And Emancipation

Understanding Child Support and Emancipation

Children must receive adequate financial support to ensure their well-being. As the needs and circumstances of the parents and children change through the years, modification or termination of child support may be necessary. The most common reason to terminate child support obligations is when the child turns 18. In New Jersey, child support does not automatically end when the child reaches this age, and may continue until the child graduates from college. Further, even if a parent is no longer required to pay child support, he or she may still be required to pay for college expenses, depending on various factors. An experienced family attorney will offer the guidance you need on this and related topics.

At Shimalla, Wechsler, Lepp & D’Onofrio, LLP, we understand that financial situations change over time. Our lawyers know that it is important to balance the needs of the child with the ability of the parents to pay support. We will review your request for termination of child support and help you understand your rights and obligations.

What Happens to Child Support When Children Turn 18?

In New Jersey, child support can be terminated in one of two ways. First, when a child reaches the age of majority and does not attend college on a full-time basis, becomes financially independent, or moves outside of his/her parents’ “sphere of influence”, either parent can request that the family court end child support. Under New Jersey law, the process of terminating child support is referred to as emancipation. This process involves filing papers with the court and requesting that the Court terminate child support.

In the second situation, parents going through divorce can plan ahead for emancipation and set out specific circumstances under which a child will be emancipated. We understand that emancipation and termination of child support can be a sensitive issue, and will treat all parties with respect as we work to obtain the result you want.

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