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In a collaborative divorce, the parties retain attorneys who are trained in the collaborative process, and who are committed to resolving all issues in a non-adversarial way.

What distinguishes collaborative law from other forms of alternate dispute resolution is a participation agreement in the form of a written contract. The participation agreement commits all members of the team to work collaboratively toward settlement. Further, this agreement requires both attorneys to withdraw from representing either party if the matter goes to litigation.

At Shimalla, Wechsler, Lepp & D’Onofrio, LLP, we help clients achieve effective solutions to family disputes through the collaborative law process. With specific training and experience in collaborative law, we strive to solve your legal problems with your best interests in mind.

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Benefits of Collaborative Law Divorce

Collaborative law is a process by which solutions to family law issues are resolved in a series of negotiation meetings. Rather than relying upon a judge to make impersonal decisions about your future in accordance with state guidelines, you retain control in the decisions that must be made and in managing the cost of the entire process.

Other benefits of collaborative law include:

  • Parties and attorneys are committed to settlement
  • The process is confidential, so parties’ personal and financial information does not become a public record
  • The parties and counsel control the timing and scheduling of the process
  • Mental health and financial professionals work as part of the team rather than as adversaries
  • Avoids the high cost of litigation
  • Focuses on the future and the parties’ ultimate goals for themselves and their families
  • Grants parties self-determination in making decisions in their children’s best interests, rather than relying on a judge to make those determinations
  • Encourages an environment of respect and healing rather than contention and damage

Our family lawyers help clients minimize the expense, trauma, delay, and controversy of divorce litigation. We strive to achieve unique solutions in an effective, professional, private, and dignified manner.

Who Is Involved in Collaborative Law Divorce?

The basic team in a collaborative law divorce consists of the parties and their attorneys. To address specific issues, other professionals may be added to the team as needed.

You may work with:

  • Divorce coaches: Assist the parties in managing the emotional impact of the divorce and separation process
  • Child specialists: Help the parties and counsel understand the needs and concerns of children in custody and parenting issues
  • Financial specialists: Help parties understand complex financial aspects of a case, including the long-term impact of support and asset division, budget analysis, and valuation of assets such as businesses

These professionals join the team only as the parties and attorneys agree they are needed, and their goal is always settlement agreements tailored to meet the unique needs of the parties and the children.

Attorneys Amy Zylman Shimalla and Amy Wechsler train other lawyers and other professionals in the collaborative divorce process.

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