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Child custody and parenting time disputes can range from narrow issues, such as holiday schedules, to broader issues regarding whether one parent will have primary custody, or whether custody will be shared after a divorce.

When establishing an overall custody plan, courts sometimes appoint a guardian ad litem. A guardian ad litem’s role is to gather information about the parties and the children and to make recommendations to the court as to the custody and parenting plan. Once a custody plan has been established, parties may still have continuing difficulties when it comes to implementing that plan and handling narrow issues. Parenting coordination is an alternative to seeking court intervention as on-going problems arise.

At Shimalla, Wechsler, Lepp & D’Onofrio, LLP, our attorneys provide both parenting coordination and guardian ad litem services in Somerset County. Whether your dispute is over minor details or is a major custody disagreement, we have the knowledge and skills to seek an equitable resolution.

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Parenting Coordination

As parenting coordinators, we are court-appointed to serve in cases in which a parenting plan is already in place, and problems between parents have continued even with the implementation of this plan.

These issues can arise over:

  • Parenting time exchange locations
  • Special weekends
  • Special events
  • Extracurricular activities
  • Religious events
  • Minor adjustments to schedules

Often, these disputes stem from parties’ difficulties communicating with each other.

As Somerset County parenting coordinators, we help devise practical solutions to these problems and work with parents to improve understanding and communication surrounding children’s issues. We listen to both sides of the story and make recommendations based on the concerns of everyone involved, always emphasizing the well-being of the children.

Guardian Ad Litem (GAL)

A guardian ad litem is a court-appointed fact-finder in child custody cases. As the guardian ad litem, we interview the child, the parents, and other important third parties such as therapists, teachers, guidance counselors, relatives, grandparents, or doctors.

Four of our lawyers – Amy Zylman Shimalla, Amy Wechsler, Heidi Ann Lepp, and Michele D’Onofrio – are often appointed by the court to serve as guardians ad litem in Somerset County and throughout New Jersey. After gathering the information as the guardian ad litem, we submit a comprehensive report to the court, which includes recommendations as to the custody and parenting plan we believe will most appropriately address the best interests of the children.

If you are interested in parenting coordination or have questions about guardians ad litem, contact our firm at (908) 356-7634 today to schedule your initial consultation.

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