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A divorce involving complex financial assets will involve many unique factors. It is critical that your lawyer understands how to manage these issues while working diligently toward a solution that protects your finances and your family’s future.

With more than 100 years of combined family law experience, we at Shimalla, Wechsler, Lepp & D’Onofrio, LLP have developed an extensive understanding of the complex financial issues that can be involved in a divorce. We have successfully represented numerous clients with complex financial assets and look forward to assisting with your case.

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In New Jersey, all marital property is subject to equitable distribution. In fact, judges have substantial discretion as to how to divide this property. Consequently, the quality of your legal counsel can have a meaningful impact on how your property is divided. While mediation, arbitration, and collaborative law can be effective ways to resolve a complex divorce, our lawyers will not rule out litigation, particularly when the parties have profound disagreements. For our Somerset County high net worth divorce attorneys, the method of dispute resolution is far less important than the overall result.

We can assist you with all aspects of complex financial divorce, including:

  • Division of complex assets: These assets can include property such as real estate, investments, pensions, stock options, retirement accounts, IRAs, 401(k)s, and other assets.
  • Divorce for professionals: When one spouse owns all or part of a professional practice, there are many factors to consider when dividing the marital estate. Our lawyers will take all appropriate factors into account.
  • Divorce involving business owners: If you and/or your spouse own a family-owned or closely held company, you can rely on us to seek an equitable resolution that preserves the company’s continued viability.

Aligning with Experts to Support Our Clients’ Cases

One of the biggest issues in any divorce involving complex financial assets is establishing the value of the items in question. Our attorneys work with business valuators, appraisers, and other experts whenever necessary. If you are concerned that your spouse is hiding or not fully disclosing assets, we will attempt to locate the assets with investigators and forensic accountants. We can request a temporary financial restraining order to freeze assets during the divorce, preventing either party from hiding, moving, or wasting assets.

In some high net worth families, child support is a challenging issue because the New Jersey Child Support Guidelines do not apply, and a careful analysis is required to establish the children’s need for support. We will help you resolve these matters as well.

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